Sands Resort Community, Philippines

Project Description

This small parcel of land is located on a remote stretch of coastline 2 hours outside of Manila. I worked with DPZ Codesign to design this plan for a resort community. The developers were going to build only a few different models of homes, so we went into this knowing that there would not be a lot of variety in the architecture itself. Our goal was to create more interesting streets and spaces throughout, so we deflected each block slightly, back and forth, allowing for both regularity and variety. This plan stategy resulted in diamond shaped greens, giving everyone a better view to the water, and frontage on a landscaped space rather than just a street. We took care to preserve all of the wetlands and sand dunes on site. In addition to the residences, there is a community pool, commercial center, and ample trails, parks, and of course, the beach.

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