Northpointe Development in Austin, TX

Project Description

This is a design for a new mixed use development in the rapidly growing metropolitan region of Austin, TX. The focal point of the project is a small creek running through the middle, along which we created a rustic promenade, and a spine of informally arranged free standing warehouse/incubator spaces. Many of these would contain uses such as breweries and restaurants to activate the creek edge, while others would house light manufacturing, office, tech start up, etc. Multifamily housing occupies much of the property, and there is also office space, larger retail, and a possible location for a new City Hall for the municipality. Parks and open space are integral to this project, and there is a potential for a pedestrian bridge across the 8 lane highway bisecting the development site. This project was a collaboration with DPZ Codesign, and is in the permitting process now.

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