Haiti – Sustainable Village & Learning Community

Project Description

This important and transformative project is located just off of the National Highway in Haiti, between Port Au Prince and the town of Arcahaie. There are plenty of opportunities for elementary and secondary schooling in Haiti, but severely lacking is a place in which to receive training to prepare one for the skilled labor force. This project seeks to address that issue. It is a campus in which local high school graduates can receive high level training in a series of disciplines, preparing them for well paying jobs.  On the campus will be Schools of Hospitality, Medicine, Agriculture, Technology, Innovation, Arts, and a Maritime Academy.  There will also be housing, parks, play fields, agriculture, solar farms, and a performance venue. The site is on a hillside, with drainage gullies running through it. These natural features, and the spectacular views of the bay and hillside below informed the design of the campus. Each of the individual schools is a small campus in itself, and everything overall is arranged around a central green space which terraces down the hill to the performance venue. We used program requirements from the various school operators, as well as input from the community at large and local building codes to begin the conceptual design of each facility. This important project is a joint venture with multiple players, including the Haiti Development Institute(HDI), the State University of New York(SUNY), Youth Build International, University of Miami School of Architecture, and Steven Fett Architecture. Funding is through the Kellogg Foundation.

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